Website is up! Decisions vs Agility and Speed….

Launching an updated website should be simple and quick – right? Well like many other folks, I took a while but today YAY we are up! Thanks to some great experts, of course. How we present ourselves digitally can be complicated. What image, what do I say about me, my collaborators, what we do…all that can be a tough decision.

Decisions. That is what we struggle with often. Am I making the right decision? How does this impact me? What I am not thinking about? Are there other things to consider?

I recently was speaking to a group of CEOs about how we make decisions as leaders. Yes, my website example is so mundane and silly compared to the other decisions we as leaders have to make regularly, and alone. The power of a VISTAGE group comes to mind. I say often to leaders as I launch my Vistage group, what would it be like to have a group of peers whose only agenda is to help you, support you? How different would decision making be with a group of seasoned leaders in the room with years and years of diverse experience?

Makes you think!!!