One Eyed…. What Does That Mean in Leadership?

Gosh, recently I was a victim of an eye infection that had me one-eyed for over a week.  Have you ever noticed how using only one eye changes the way you see and function in the world?  Trying to drive was a challenge; I had no depth perspective.  I would try to reach for something, and miss it!  Everything seemed flat and a bit blurry; nothing stood out.  I was frustrated.  It made me anxious.  I made decisions quickly about what I could do or couldn’t do – I certainly didn’t want to drive or read or do anything that reminded me that my eye was closed or hurt. 


Hmmm…and it made me think about how “not seeing clearly” impacts organizations.  When leaders don’t see well, what happens?  How does “not seeing clearly” relate to poor sight or lack of insight?


Driving strategy and change: With poor sight, do you know where to drive?  Can you make out the signs along the path of strategic change?


Decisions:  Without “in”sight, do we avoid certain decisions because they are uncomfortable?  Do we rush decisions for the same reason?


Depth Perception:  Can you tell who are the stars on your team, the ones who rise above the rest?  Or are they all playing at the same level?


Growth and Learning:  If my eye is closed, is my curiosity impacted? Do we close ourselves to a part of growth? Are we frustrated to the point that we aren’t willing to try to learn and change?


Leading organizations and coaching others to lead requires an “eyes wide open” approach to strategy, people and processes. Without a commitment to all of the visual dimensions of our strategic decisions, we will limit our impact and our long term business results.