I started my apparel tradeshow business less than 1 year ago, and although they say the idea is the hard part, I found the execution has been even harder.

Lea has turned out to be the coach and leader I need to re-organize and help me plan the future of my business. She has taken away the stress and useless time I was spending trying to figure out my next steps. My business and my future are much brighter with her guidance, coaching, and support.
— Amanda S. Piola, The Trunk Tradeshow

our services

We work with c-level and management teams in corporate and non-corporate settings to develop stronger communications, greater presence, broader influence and clearer visions. We have a flexible coaching approach that includes individual, executive and team development focused on:

Exuding authenticity

Building competencies to improve performance and fulfillment

Achieving balance in work and life

Leadership Advisory

Embodying leadership through strategic thinking, communication, visibility and more


case study: c-level executive coaching

A C-Level Executive is overworked and has not built meaningful relationships with his team. He is seen as cold and detached.

The team worked with the executive to build influencing competency, engender trust among his team, hone his relationship building, and develop better communication skills.

After 8 months, the executive had:

  • Opened up his scheduled to allow for open door free time for team

  • Developed stronger more confident feedback style

  • Strengthened his influencing and communication skills to lead more effectively

  • Was seen as more authentic


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