Lea brings an objective, positive, tell-it-like-it-is attitude to any organization going through growth and changes. She gets to know the emotion of the brand and the people who make it work, and encourages those at the “doing” level to speak up about what’s not working. She has become a therapist and a beacon of hope to make our organization and processes better by guiding us to find the root of the issues and work together to find the solution. The process is ours but we could not have gotten there without her guidance and support.
— Fallon Faraone, FRESH

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People and processes are pivotal to a successful organization. We help businesses focus on both of these areas in order to be more efficient, productive and profitable. We offer:

Business & Organization Optimization

Performance Improvement

Design, Sourcing & Manufacturing Services

Leadership Advisory

Motivation & Education Seminars

Meeting Design & Facilitation


case study: Organizational Effectiveness & Process re-design

A Global Luxury Beauty Company is growing faster than management can keep up. Processes are outgrown; teams are getting in each others’ way to meet creative, marketing, and campaign timelines; morale is low; teams are not sure what their priorities are.

Folks were frustrated with a cumbersome processes to get products launched and keep up with customer demand.


  • Clarified the Market Strategies and goals with leaders

  • Published and implemented new process, timelines, and meeting structures/cadence

  • Recommendations on organizational structures to support the new strategies and processes

  • Created super leaders to the new process

  • Clarified roles, handoffs, and team structure

  • Identified new tools

  • Implemented new timing


case study: Organizational Effectiveness & Speed to Market

A Children’s Accessories Company is experiencing major delays in delivering product to their customers. Employees lack motivation and are concerned about a recent change in leadership structure. Sourcing strategy is in flux and at risk.


  • Facilitated select team to redesign workflow and determine best timing/calendar by client type

  • Clarified RACI for future workflow

  • Worked closely with C-suite to review people and organizational structure to optimize workflow

  • Led/advised Steering Comm for the new Sourcing strategy which included opening own office in Asia, hiring/training staff in HKG, implementing transition plans to new vendors while mitigating risk

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