Lea’s advice and guidance in our monthly meetings and 1-on-1s are instrumental in helping me achieve my business goals. As Chair of our Vistage group, Lea creates a safe place to talk about the toughest, most challenging issues in our businesses. We do so in an open, constructive, and direct way, which leads to action, solutions, and accountability.

One of the great things about Lea is that she has run businesses and large teams, some at a huge scale, which makes her advice practical and implementable, not just theory. Lea and Vistage have become a essential part of running my businesses.
— Mark Somol, Co-Founder and CEO, Zeal Technology

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Vistage is a private advisory board for CEOs, executives and business owners that helps members become better leaders, make better decisions, achieve results and grow businesses. Vistage helps executives step out of the day-to-day and learn to think differently — resulting in new levels of intention, freedom, power, creativity, fulfillment and transformation. 

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case study: Leadership Coaching & Strategic Planning

An entrepreneur (founder & CEO) of two businesses has too much to juggle and not enough people and resources. Compounded by the fact that one of the business is a raw start-up, prioritization and flexibility are huge challenges. Lea provides grounding and a limitless supply of techniques and strategies for meeting each of the challenges.

In particular:

  • Maintain team morale in a stressful, rapidly changing environment

  • Execute strategic planning, which is sized appropriately and customized for his companies (i.e. not cookie-cutter)

  • Create prioritization strategies to help the CEO and team members, which enables them to still move quickly within some structure

  • Advise on sales & marketing strategies, as the CEO continues to experiment with what does and doesn't work


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