who are we

Today’s complex economic environment requires creative thinking. That’s where we come in. 

trans-forme was born in 2005 with the intent of working with leaders to quickly identify and overcome obstacles related to growth, speed and morale. We believe deep relationships are at the core of every successful business - including ours. We create open communication channels and total transparency with our own clients, and we help our clients do the same with theirs. We have a personal passion for cultural diversity and team building, and we work hard to support these at every turn.

We've worked with businesses of all sizes in a wide variety of industries, including retail, finance and industrials sectors,  to tackle the challenges of today's uniquely complicated world. In every case, creative thinking is at the heart of our solutions. We help companies innovate in how they think, behave, manage and grow - which ultimately leads to a healthier bottom line.



lea macchiaroli

Lea is our fearless leader, with over 20 years in the vertically integrated CPG, beauty, fashion and wholesale worlds. She's also a certified Integral Coach© who has served as a faculty member at New Ventures West, where she teaches and certifies new coaches. 

Additionally, Lea is Chairwoman for Vistage International, facilitating and coaching CEOs across a wide variety of industries. Lea has helped clients of all kinds find ways to be more efficient, manage change and grow.

marissa steinmetz

Marissa is a strategic advisor and operator with 9 years of program management and performance improvement expertise with experience assisting businesses of all sizes across the technology, retail and financial services sectors. She has a proven track record of launching various digital products and transforming them into profitable customer experiences.


michelle puopolo

Michelle is an accomplished production executive with extensive experience in product development, sourcing, manufacturing and production. She has proven success sourcing factories in Asia, Central & South America, Mexico, Europe and the USA.